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~Grace Brisbane

Post by Emmy Winchester on Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:54 pm

Name: Grace Brisbane
Age: 20
Apperance: Grace has long platinum blonde hair, that ends just at her shoulder, She has side swept bangs, and fair skin. No freckles or dimples just a fine, fair complextion. Grace is thin and tiny, her height is around 5 foot 6 inches, she is very thin, and extremely pretty. Grace has dark mocha brown eyes, that stand out against her blonde hair. Grace is very elegant, yet dresses simply - Jeans te shirts, sweaters etc.

Personality: Grace is very stubborn and head strong, yet emotional too. Grace is a straight A student, very smart and independant. She is an amazing cook and very neat and orderly. Yet Grace is kind and sweet too. Motherlike. She is most like herself when she is around Sam, He brings out the best in her. Grace loves to read, but loves to read non-fiction, and Rilke. She loves listening to Sam read Rilke. Grace Loves being outdoors. Grace also loves coffee, coffee and chocolate, and Sam's home made bread. Grace has a wild side but not many have seen it, except for Sam of course. Grace is general a quiet lovable girl.

History:Grace was attacked and bitten by the wolves behind her house when she was 11. When she was saved from them by a yellowed eyed wolf, Sam, she begins to feel a deep conection with him. They meet after Sam is shot, and began a strange yet touching relationship. However in a year later it is not Sam's humanity that is in jeopardy but Grace's, as she comes down with an unknown illness and almost dies. She is re-bitten by Cole and shifts at the end of the year. In the next year she tries to make her way back to Sam, but in her wolf form and with the ever present worry of shifting it becomes hard. And as the wolves are hunted by Isabel's father she risks losing not only her friends but her life. Finally, The wolves are moved out of the boundry woods and into Officer Koenegs provate property. Grace has agreed to let Cole give her the Menigitis tinted blood while she is a wolf, to fight the desease out of her. Eventually she becomes human with Sam. But scientests say it is not permanate, and so the fight, and the search begin.

Species: Bitten/Human


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