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Emily Winchester

Post by Emmy Winchester on Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:51 pm

Name: Emily Mia Winchester
Age: 15
Apperance: When standing Emmy is about 5'4". But she sometimes likes to stand on her tip toes to reach 5'6". She is rather tiny, skinny, and fair. Her hair reaches mid-back but she often keeps it natural and cut into soft layers, and often out of control. Emmy's hair is a light auburn with blonde lowlights. Emmy has dark chocolate colored eyes, Which she usually uses to stare people down and glare at, or to use for a good fashion sense. Hunting down all the new and flares. Emmy has a relaxed fahion, she's not a fan of dressing up. Her usual outfits consists of a confertable t-shrit and her favorite pair of jeans. Emmy looks best in spring colors, light blues greens, yellows the sorts. Emmy has fair skin, to contrast with her dark hair and eyes, she has a good complextion, no freckles or anything of the sort. Emmy has small hands, but long fingers, good for drawing. Emmy has a little button nose, and Almond shaped eyes, which stand out in her face. Complete the look. Emmy's has been told time after time she looks like her mother, who happens to be a"Natural" Model.

Personality: Emmy is not very gullible and it takes quite a bit to convince her of things. She isn't very athletic or sporty, Though she does love to dance, and swim, and track, She loves to run, run to get away and have that sense of freedom. Emmy is known as the little spider monkey, climbing and being reckless, a total dare devil no doubt. She tends to stick onto something till, depending what it is, is solved, fixed, or done the way she wants or expects it to be. Emmy is very friendly, and is know as the sarcastic chatterbox. When Emmy sets her mind to something, it sure takes a lot to change it. Emmy is OBSESSED with music,and Theater, she's also a total bookworm, and photographer. Emmy is sweet and can sometimes be mistaken for a small innocent child, Sometimes, if you look deep in her eyes, you'll see a glimpse of her true feelings, whether that be scared, hurt, sad, angry etc. Though she tends to hide her true feelings, unless you are her good friend, or around at the right time, then she will just let it all spill.

History: Emily lives in the Culpepers old house, In Mercy Falls Minnesota. She moved there when she was 13, but has lived in Mercy Falls all her life. Emmy was born to Madyline and Jacob Winchester, On the eve of September 2nd 1996. Emmy's mother was a small town model. Not the big fashion crazy super thin phsycho model, but the Natural beauty, free spirited, outgoing sweet thing. She loved the camera, and was quite a beauty. Emily has tons of friend in Mercy falls, and attends Mercy Falls high. Emmy has always been facinated by the wolves which were moved to a private pinnisula from the Boundry woods. When Word spread that these Wolves were acctual people, most anyway, and that being bit would turn you into them, she became even more intersted, She felt bad, yet Entriged all at once. Once a week after school she would take a bus an hour up and visit the wolves private area, of course she doesnt always see them, considering she has cant go past the fenced area. But she loves to capture pictures of the scenery and the wolves. Once or twice during her weekly trips there, one specific wolf will come out and watch her. Simple sit and watch her. She has quite a few of it's pictures, it grey fur, and bright green eyes... She only wished she knew whether it was human or really a wolf..And whether or not she could help with the cure. It was something she had deicded upon last year, She was going to help find that cure.

A simple Questionare: Not required
How long hove you been rp-ing?: nearly 4 years
How Many of the Wolves of Mercy Falls books have you read?: All three.
Any Info you'd like to share?: Uhmmm Nope! (not that i can think of anyway)


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