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Post by Emmy Winchester on Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:26 pm

Here are the Rules!

0. Don't spam
0. Credit those who make your graphics
0. Don't request more than 2 or three graphics at a time.
0. Request a portrayer before ever requesting a graphic!
Thats about it.. here is a tip as well to putting your signature up!

Step One: Copy the Link (which should be provided for you)

Step Two: Go to Profile, and the top of the page, and find Signature once you're there

Step Three: Paste the link and put [img] [*/img] around it (without the star, of course).

Step Four: Hit Preview to check out your new sig, and if you want it to show up each time you post, there's a check-box under your message each time you post that says, "Attach Signature" and you check that (usually it's checked by default).


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