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Post by Emmy Winchester on Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:23 pm

Welcome to The Golden Woods, a Wolves of Mercy Falls rpg!

The story of Sam and Grace has ended. Grace was cured, as was Sam and Cole. But what if that cure was only temporary? The wolves have been moved, contanied. But what if a few escaped and have bitten more humans, Spreading the disease? What if after all this commotion, Sam and Grace have decided to confess? And Now, their story is everywhere! And So is the scientist's, They are searching for a cure, Curiously interested in this facinating story. But the cure is hard to find, supposively the Menigitis tinted blood was used while Grace, Sam and Cole were wolves, and was said to have killed the wolves inside them, perhaps it did, but not for long. There must be a more permanate Cure! Although it is making it harder and harder to find the cure with the battles raging on. Not everyone is happy with the way things are going, There are some people world wide demanding to get rid of the Wolves. Bottom line. No Cure, No more Worry, just make them extinct.

But there is always Hope. Hope for the Bitten, Hope for the Shifted, and Hope for the Wolves who are unable to shift to human any longer.
Two years have passed since Grace was supposively cured, and the story spread. And yet, still no positive cure. Thanks to the Animal Protection Law that was just passed, the Wolves are safe.. for now. Even though the 'werewolf' population is spreading, it is also dropping, slowly. People are finding ways to poison the animals, Shoot and kill them, trap them etc. And yet Others are being dragged and bit, becoming one of them, Human in the summer, and a Wolf in the winter.

So here you are, Somewhere in between a human and a wolf. Or perhaps you are a non-bitten. Either way, what is your choice? Will you fight for the cure? Or Demand the extinction of the entire population? The fight is on, For Survival, for the Cure, for Safety, for the End. Whatever battle you choose to fight, Just know we are one step closer. Closer to the Cure, or closer to the End, either way, we will get there.

Welcome, to Mercy Falls, The Beginning...of the End.


^Draco (gh)
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